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The Original Bad Yogi is BACK! 

All the way from France! Erin Motz is in St. Petersburg, FL!

Join her Sunday, April 7 for TWO workshops at Yogablu.

Date: Sunday, April 7
Time: 12:30pm -2:00pm
Cost: $30 / $60 day pass

Bad Yogi Masterclass
Bad Yogi is all about encouraging you to embrace who you are and where you are– on your mat and off! You are always exactly where you need to be & you have everything you need to reach your goals. We’ll chat a little before hand about the Bad Yogi philosophy, and then dive right into a fun, creative, total body balancing flow that delivers a little mix of everything. You’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and you’ll probably make a few friends while you’re here! Expect to leave feeling confident to be exactly who you’ve always wanted. This is friendly for all levels and will have modifications offered.

Date: Sunday, April 7
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm 
Cost: $40 / $60 day pass

The Cure: Functional Yoga for “Tight” Hips
In yoga we hear a lot about fixing “tight” hips, but in this workshop, we’re going to re-think how our hips should feel and take a more balanced approach to hip openers. We’ll work on stabilizing and increasing mobility in all planes of motion, as well as putting special focus on the IT bands, glutes, hamstrings and quads. Our practice will be a focused flow where we’ll spend time breaking down and exploring the poses in a deeper way. If you’re looking to get rid of tension & mild dysfunction in the hips or simply deepen your yoga practice, then this workshop is exactly what you need. This is friendly for all levels and will have modifications offered.

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training | YogaBlu Studio | St. Petersburg, Florida


Candlelight Yin Yoga + Meditation with Elise Caruthers

Candlelight Yin Yoga + Meditation with Elise Caruthers

Date: Sunday, June 3
Time: 5-7pm
Cost: $20

Join guest teacher Elise Caruthers for a yin yoga & meditation workshop.

Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga, with postures that are held for longer periods of time to target connective tissue. In this workshop you will learn about the benefits of yin yoga and enjoy a relaxing yin practice closing with a guided meditation.

All levels.

Guest Workshop: Erin Motz aka Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi is about redefining yoga culture, one Bad Yogi at a time. It’s time to remove the snobbery, pretense, and endless “prerequisites” to fit into this community and that’s why we’re here. We are yoga’s anti-clique. This is a bit about who we are, what we do, and how we got started.

Spring Renewal and Self-Care with Danielle McCourt

Spring Renewal and Self-Care with Danielle McCourt

Spring is a time to clear the clutter and let in the fresh air – not only for your home, but for your body, mind and life.

Join us for a therapeutic afternoon of self-care, using essential oils to stimulate your senses, mindful practices to help clear and center, and movement to relax and rejuvenate.

You’ll discover a variety of practices that you can start incorporating in your daily routine immediately, to help you refocus your intentions and uplift your life.

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