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Kate Berlin

Kate Berlin started her yoga practice 7 years ago when she could no longer recognize her own life. After searching for an outlet that could help her find peace and reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, she decided to give yoga a try. In her yoga practice she found stillness that allowed her space to get perspective to sift through all her negative behaviors and patterns, and make necessary changes.

Today, she is a certified yoga teacher, certified reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach with a passion for using the tools she has acquired across the span of her life to help individuals navigate obstacles in theirs. She is fascinated by the way the human mind works, especially when it comes to trauma and how it processes in the brain, manifests in the body, and can debilitate a life. Kate believes that by nature we are not only excellent self-saboteurs, we’re also resilient beings that deserve all life has to offer and recognizes that yoga, meditation and breath work are valuable tools in coming back to our true nature.

When Kate isn’t at the yoga studio, she is the Executive Director and founder of a 501c3 nonprofit organization called Purple Dot Yoga Project whose mission is to support and empower individuals affected by domestic violence and trauma using yoga as a healing tool. 

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Jonathan Barrett

“Yoga strengthens and builds the self from the inside out allowing every individual to find their physical body’s and metaphysical mind’s full potential.” 

Each of our dispositions are products of our current mental states. Yoga provides a channel to a level of self awareness that cannot be replicated.

Having grown up with epilepsy and experiencing a handful of grand mal seizures has created a heightened sense of awareness and perception of the mind/body connection. I take this personal experience into my individual practice and hope to be a part of other’s journeys as they learn similar about themselves.

As an athlete, I was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado playing ice hockey and was scouted to play Division 1. Instead, I chose a path that began in Bozeman, Montana and eventually led me to spend a number of years in the world of professional snow sports in Park City, Utah. Currently, my athletic training is focused on triathlon.

50hr Hot Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training – Steamboat Springs, CO
200hr Yoga Teacher Training – St. Petersburg, FL

Andrea Behler

It is always my deepest intention to hold space for students to feel.  To feel whatever they are feeling and know that they are supported, loved, and free of all expectations.  To create an atmosphere of curiosityengagement, and exploration.  I do not believe it is my job to tell students what to feel or where to feel it, but rather to set up parameters for them to discover their own bodies and ways of being.  To ask questions and make suggestions that might lead to a deeper understanding of how the body, breath, and mind interact and can be integrated.

Through this discovery they hold the power to make the necessary refinements and changes that will create harmony in their lives both on and off the mat. This approach to teaching empowers the student to take authority of their own practice and their own life.  My ultimate mission in this life is to inspire others to fall in love with themselves and their lives, one breath, one smile at a time.

RYT 200 – Raja Yoga – Philadelphia, PA

RYT 500 – Yoga Etc. – St. Petersburg, Florida

Masters in Education – Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Visit to learn more about Andrea and view her full schedule as well as upcoming retreats. 

Vanessa Costanza


Elise Caruthers

Elise began her journey in yoga over 10 years ago. She began taking gentle classes at a local gym and fell in love with how yoga allowed her to clear her mind and become more present. After a small hiatus she came back to yoga in college, discovering heated vinyasa and a new physical challenge. After being a student for many years Elise was inspired to take her 200 hour certification at Hot Yoga Tallahassee/Yoga Den.

In addition to training in Mind Body and Vinyasa yoga, Elise has continued her studies of yoga to Yin yoga, Aerial yoga and Ayurveda. Elise continues to learn and grow with her practice and deepen her love to share yoga.

Elise believes everyone can benefit from yoga, breath and meditation. She encourages her students to listen to their body and allow their practice to be what they need each day. From Power to Yin, as long as you show up, move your body and open your mind you will grow.

Outside the studio Elise works for lululemon in Hyde Park Village. She spends most free time with her fiancé and fur babies Kai and Chloe.

Maggie Jacobsen


Allison Lupica

Allison Lupica, RYT 200 is a certified Jivasara Yoga Teacher from Cleveland, Ohio. Jivasara yoga blends the physical, ethical, and spiritual practice of Jivamukti yoga with the graceful alignment of Anusara yoga.

Allison discovered yoga early in life, at age 13 while exploring alternative methods of therapy and counseling. Allison was raised to follow the nonviolent, compassionate lifestyle known as ahimsa. This lifestyle – a true blessing, she later discovered – isolated teenage Allison from her peers and sent her on a rebellious search for approval. Yoga opened her eyes to a community of like-minded individuals, to acceptance and support unlike anything else she had experienced. Allison often remarks, “Yoga is like the pair of glasses I never thought I needed and as it turns out, I have really poor eyesight.”

Allison’s passion for the asana practice translates into her honest, relatable and challenging teaching style.

Danielle McCourt

Danielle is passionate about sharing yoga, meditation, and wellness to inspire and elevate others in their lives. She is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and holistic health coach. She has practiced yoga on and off for over 15 years, but in 2015 she decided to sign up for a local 200-hour yoga teacher training program for self-development. It was then that she discovered her dharma, her purpose, to help others find balance and happiness in their lives through holistic practices. Danielle continued her advanced yoga training in Bali, and has been teaching ever since. 

Danielle has used yoga and meditation in her own life to heal physical sport injuries, build strength, find clarity, become more present, create alignment, overcome fears and find more balance – in turn feeling better and living happier. She enjoys practicing and teaching many styles of yoga, including invigorating/powerful classes, slow/gentle classes, and relaxing/restorative classes. She also works with students one-on-one or in small groups. 


E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Amanda Riker

Amanda discovered Vinyasa yoga in college. It allowed her the freedom to express herself and revealed an unexpected path to self-acceptance and love. She began leading community yoga classes during her time spent living abroad. She moved on to earn her 200 hour teacher training in San Francisco and has been teaching in Florida ever since. Amanda’s goal as a yoga teacher is to offer students space for self-healing, creative movement, and occasional laughter.

Elizabeth Smedley

Elizabeth discovered her love for yoga over 10 years ago. She enjoys practicing and teaching Vinyasa and Hot Yoga, as well as often incorporating both into a sequence. Yoga became a true passion of hers when she discovered how it balanced her body and mind during her strenuous tenure as a professional dancer with Miami City Ballet. She gained grace, peace, clarity, and flexibility through her practice, and hopes to translate this through her teaching to all yogis. Elizabeth is also currently teaching ballet throughout the Tampa area and the Patel Conservatory.

Scott Temples

After having been involved in a lifetime of fitness, playing competitive tennis up until college and competing in triathlons for 18 years, Scott began practicing yoga seeking more balance in his life both physically and energetically.

Soon after, he knew that he wanted share his strong passion and love for yoga with others and completed his 200 hr RYT Teacher Training with Jade Skinner in St. Petersburg, FL.

Scott teaches both Vinyasa Flow and Yin, ensuring that the student experience is fun and accessible, regardless of age and fitness level.

As a dedicated practitioner and teacher, Scott is continually enhancing his skills. He is currently working on his 500 hr RYT under the guidance of his teacher, Tymi Howard.

Scott is grateful for the opportunity to share his love of yoga.

Jessica Yatooma

Jessica’s yoga journey began in the summer of 2014 in her hometown in Southeastern Michigan. Was introduced through a friend; seeking healing and perspective – Jessica immediately fell in love with the practice and knew that she wanted to learn more and eventually share it with others. As her practice has evolved and expanded, the mindfulness, spirituality, and body awareness have brought a sense of calm and peace into her life as she feels balanced, and healthy; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After relocating to Tampa in the fall of 2016, Jessica quickly found her home at Bella Prana and completed the YTT 200hr program in September 2017.
Jessica has experience teaching all levels and truly believes there is something for everyone; one of the many things she loves about this practice. However, her love is the intensity of a Power Flow / Vinyasa. Being a native Detroiter, she was brought up on “Kest Style” free flowing Vinyasa, as you will see sprinkled throughout her classes.

Kelsey Wooten

Kelsey, RYT 200 is trained in a fusion between Hatha and Vinyasa yoga — focusing on breath, safe alignment, subtle energetics and playful asana sequences. As a dedicated, life-long learner, she continues to study and learn what this practice offers. She believes that yoga is about exploring the creativity, discipline, love, and healing that lies within.

Through practicing yoga, she has built a supportive relationship between mind, body, spirit. Something she had once yearned for. Her love for the practice as a way of life runs deep and she feels called to share it with others. Kelsey is a teacher of all levels and feels humbled to be able to teach this beautiful practice to a community of people who are building a healthy life for themselves.

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