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At YogaBlu, you can expect power, toning and strengthening in most classes. Sometimes weights or music are combined with Yoga – the flow of poses will vary greatly from class to class and from instructor to instructor.

Benefits include improved flexibility, suppleness and strength. Yoga can also increase relaxation and help with your ability to deal with stress. Hot Yoga & Yoga sculpt can be a very effective way of losing weight and toning up. The body can experience complete energy alignment when performed on a regular basis and with proper posture alignment. Many also believe that hot yoga exercise reduces the symptoms of certain chronic illnesses, such as thyroid disorders, arthritis and circulatory problems. And it can help you detox from the inside out!

Many health conditions improve through regular Yoga practices. In fact, some doctors now prescribe Hot Yoga & Yoga Flow as a form of physical therapy. Yoga heals and strengthens the body from the inside out, and is especially beneficial to the immune system. Always check with your doctor before embarking on this or any other exercise program.

Hot Yoga is a sequence of Yoga postures performed in a heated environment. The increased temperature in the room assists with optimized stretching and flexibility while helping to prevent injury. The hot temperature combined with the Yoga poses means that you will sweat a lot and burn calories, thus experiencing a great detoxification. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after class.

Hot Yoga is performed at a temperature of about 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit. In our Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt and Core Yoga classes, the temperature is lowered to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A typical 90 minute session of our Yoga classes will burn about 500-1000 calories, depending on a number of factors, such as your weight, your sex and how strenuously you participate.

Aside from a GREAT attitude; you may bring a towel, water to drink, and a mat (or you can rent ours). Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class start time and do not enter the studio once class has started. Wear very lightweight exercise clothing and bring a change of clothes for after class. You can count on getting sweaty!
Please do not bring: gum, excessive jewelry, perfume/cologne or glass bottles.

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