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Classes | YogaBlu Studio | St. Petersburg, Florida

At YogaBlu our classes are for everyone. From the fitness enthusiast stepping on their mat to compliment and cross train, to the yogi looking for a daily practice.  The instructors encourage you to work at your own pace, listen to your body, and honor where you find yourself at all times.

Also known as Vinyasa yoga, this class focuses on synchronizing the body’s motions with the breath. This class will leave you toned, refreshed and relaxed!

This class integrates the strength, stability and alignment of core work (abdominals, low back and shoulders) with the power of vinyasa flow. This class is held in a WARM ROOM to promote detoxification and suppleness.

For the fitness enthusiast. This class combines light weights with yoga stretches to increase strength, improve flexibility, build endurance and sculpt the body.

A series of yoga poses + vinyasa in our studio heated to a temperature of 95+ degrees. Don’t forget a towel and plenty of water.

Hot Yoga & a bit of core-focused Pilates and ab training performed in a room with a temperature of 95+ degrees. This type of workout is upbeat, which means burning calories and ridding your body of harmful toxins.

Need to reboot, but only have a quick break during lunch? Come join us for yoga at lunch time.